Deluxe Finnick 55 inches Sunset LED Floor Lamp

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Color: Multicolor LED
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SIZE AND COLORS: Comes in two(2) colors choose from multicolor LED or Orange Sunset LED. The lamp measures 55.5 inches high (141cm) the base measures 7.16 inches (18.2cm) in diameter and the headlight measures 3.9 inches(10cm)

METAL BASE: Equipped with a stylish, premium metal base, this floor lamp will bring a touch of glamorous style to your living room or bedroom.The light shines through shade enclosing the bulb, adding texture and atmosphere to any room it illuminates.

BULB TYPE: This lamp has an LED bulb. It can light with up to 7 watts maximum. It is powered with a flat pin plug for plugging into a wall socket.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: 1.) Insert the cable connected from head (A) of the lamp through tubes (B) and (C ) before screwing the tubes together.

2.) Screw (A), (B), and (C ) until secure and pull excess cable.

3.) Insert the cable from tube (C ) to tube (D) and pull excess cable. DO NOT screw together yet.

4.) Gently pull the wire from the base (E) of the lamp and connect the plug heads** of the cable wires.

5.) Gently pull the connected plug heads to hide in tube (D). Screw in Tube (D) to the base (E) of the lamp.

6.) Pull excess wire from the top tube (D). Fold the wire* and insert to tube (D) to hide the excess wire. Screw tubes (C) and (D) together.

7.) Plug in the lamp and press the foot switch (F) to turn the lamp ON and OFF. Then adjust lamp head to your desired angle (A).

BOX INCLUDES: 1x LED Floor Metal Lamp

PERFECT GIFT: With an elegant aesthetic design, and many uses in your home, this makes a perfect gift for a spouse, family member, friend, or colleague.

DISCLAIMER: Product look & color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting.

STRONG PACKAGING: The box is carefully bubble wrapped and placed in a shipping carton to ensure safe shipping. Order with confidence.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: At Home offers a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, for factory defects of the product. Only the original buyer of the product whose name appears on the Sales Invoice may avail of this warranty. During this period, Seller will repair or replace any defective parts of the product or the Product itself provided that the defect is NOT due to the MISUSE, NEGLIGENCE or TAMPERING of the buyer. The COST OF TRANSPORT back to the seller & return delivery of repaired/replaced product shall be paid solely by the Buyer.

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