Tori Reed Diffuser 100ml

Scent: Smoked Vanilla & Tuberose
Sale price₱399.75


SIZE AND SCENTS: This Reed Diffuser has a 100ml fragrance oil inside with reed sticks. The overall product dimension is 6.2 cm in length, 6.2 cm in width, and 8.5 cm in height. SOLD PER PIECE.

Available in 3 scents :

- Red Cherries & Vanilla (Red)

- Cashmere Spruce (Cream)

- Smoked Vanilla & Tuberose (Black)

BEST QUALITY REED DIFFUSER: Reed diffuser absorbs the aromatic oil through its reed fiber to naturally and gently release the fresh and soothing scent in the air, giving your home and work environment an uplifting atmosphere.

EXCELLENT DECORATION: The Reed Diffuser is perfect to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and spa areas.

PERFECT AS GIFT: With the elegant and aesthetic design of the reed diffuser and its many uses, you can give it as as present to your loved ones, friends, and family, and even as a corporate gift to your colleague and business partners

DISCLAIMER : Shake the bottle first before opening it.

STRONG PACKAGING: The Reed Diffuser is carefully bubble wrapped and placed in a box to ensure safe shipping. Order with confidence.

Customer Reviews

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I really like the scent. It definitely brightened up the aura of my room. I put about 4 reed sticks and the scent filled up my room. Now whenever I have friends over, they would always compliment the scent. I'll definitely but more to gift to my friends!

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