5 Types Of Underwear Every Girl Must Have

Here’s a list of undies you need in your wardrobe

Every woman deserves to feel good in their body. And underwear truly has a way of doing that. Many girls may think undergarments are apparel you slap on without a thought. But maybe the thing is that you haven’t found the right ones.

Which means you need a major wardrobe upgrade. Undies shopping can be fun! And if you aren’t new to this, then let this serve as a checklist for your underwear essentials.

Read on to find out about the five types of underwear every girl, including you, simply must have. And, of course, where to get them! 👀

 1. Everyday Bra

One can never go wrong with the classic everyday bra.👌

Whether you opt for a full-cup or half-cup bra, this item is definitely a must-have, being number one on our list. You even have the choice to either go for a non-wired or wired bra.

If you want more support for your girls as well as a voluptuous shape, a half-cup wired bra is for you. For light support yet maximum comfort, a full-cup non-wired bra will do wonders for you.

2. Multiway Bra


Up next is the multiway bra. This particular item comes as a half cup bra with underwire support.

The main reason why this should be part of your underwear collection is its adaptability. It has adjustable and detachable straps, meaning you can play around with the style of your bra depending on your mood.

You can go for the regular look, strapless, and even crisscross back for a more stylish look!

3. Seamless Bra and Panty


Do you ever get annoyed when your underwear attempts to make itself known to the  entire world, whether through your shirt or pants? 

Well, you can get rid of all the chaos of undergarment linings with a seamless bra and panty. Not only do they give a flattering fit for your clothes, they also upgrade the aura of your outfits. 

You can go for either a full or half cup bra with underwire support. And don’t worry, straps are adjustable and detachable.

For panties, you can opt for a bikini or boyleg style. Whichever you choose, both comfort and breathability are guaranteed. Perfect for a girlboss maintaining a work-life balance.💯




If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Enhancing our beautiful figure is always great no matter what the occasion. 

Shapewear includes everything from butt enhancers as well as body and thigh slimmers to mid-waist bodysuits and waist control. 

Highlight your unique style while showing off your curves without sacrificing comfort.😜

5Everyday Panties

Let’s not forget about everyday panties! Your underwear collection won’t be complete without them.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a bikini or boyleg style. In fact, why not go for both? The sky’s your limit. 🙌

Beyond that, you’re more than welcome to choose either a low-waist, mid-waist, or high-waist panty. 

And that’s about it. 

Whether you’re sweet, sexy, or savage, a wide variety of undergarments awaits you. 

Excited to get your hands on these underwear essentials? 

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