Ultimate Room Decorating Ideas

There’s nothing like decorating your space and making it your own!

Whether you’re a homeowner or living in a condo, giving your place that extra zhoosh or personality will always be a fun and rewarding experience.

We’re delighted to share these home styling tips! Read on to feel inspired and start decorating with At Home.🥰

1. Coastal glam


This one’s a given for all beach enthusiasts out there. 😉🌊

Stick with blues and whites for a coastal glam style. Your gold accents will complement the dominant whites and blues.

Bring the ocean indoors with decor pieces that remind you of the beach. Freshen up the space with flowy curtains, linens, and travel-inspired wall art. Don’t forget to mix white objects with wood accents to fully capture the ultimate coastal vibe.

Faux plants will also add a touch of nature in your space. Finally, create a calming ambience with LED candles and lanterns. 



2. Luxe green


Gather up, plant moms and dads! This one’s for you. 😄🌵

Express your love for plants with a lush color palette of gold, black, white, and of course, green.

Put plant prints on your walls and experiment with different shades of green decor. This will give more depth to the room. Then, accentuate your plant babies with various ceramic and metal planters.

It would be great to incorporate sustainable items and furniture as well to solidify the plant love not only for your plant babies, but also for nature as a whole.


3. Oriental dynasty

Feeling like a crazy rich Asian? Oriental dynasty is definitely your style! 😗✌️

Fill your space with bright splashes of red, gold, black, and white. Paint your walls a soothing shade. Then, mix in your bold canvas art along with ornate furniture and accessories of different sizes and textures to create balance.

We also recommend adding lanterns and objects made from natural materials. To top everything off, light up incense sticks and scented candles to achieve pure zen.


4. Dream of cream

Dream of cream is an ode to every romantic millennial. 😍🌹

Decorate your space with gorgeous shades of terracotta, pink, orange, yellow, cream, and white. Hang wall art that reflects your beliefs and personality as the focal point of the room. 

Use chic vases as decor or to display your favorite flowers. Then, complete the dreamy ambience with a home fragrance.


5. Timeless black and white


We’ve saved the best for last for our modern minimalists. 🖤🤍

Remember to focus on functionality for each decor and mix black and white, and silver for a classy modern look.

Merge pieces that have sharp lines with curves to create balance in the room. Don’t be afraid of integrating various black and white prints and patterns. Finally, add silver metal accents for a posh vibe.

We hope this is helpful and gets you excited for your next room makeover! Trust us when we say that At Home has all the stylish home essentials you can think of.

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